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Jet zero – how investors can get on board for the long haul of aviation decarbonisation

18 August 2022
Aviation is a large emitter of carbon. We explore the options, including sustainable aviation fuels.

ESG knowledge shared: June 2022

9 June 2022
Keep up to date with responsible investing in our monthly roundup of highlights – interesting events, articles we’re reading, podcasts and more.

Searching for solutions: an update on bee-harming pesticides

17 May 2022
Read our update on the controversial use of bee-harming pesticides in agriculture – and whether there are any suitable solutions.

Investing in our blue planet

17 May 2022
The world’s oceans are in crisis, and investors have a critical role to play in resolving this

The diversity dividend

8 March 2022
We explore the importance of diversity and inclusion and demonstrate how we engage with Indian companies to improve their approach.

Standing up for our digital rights

4 February 2022
Companies need to keep pace with rapidly evolving regulations around our digital rights. Learn how and why we’re exerting our influence around this topic.

ESG knowledge shared: February 2022

4 February 2022
Keep up to date with responsible investing through our monthly roundup of highlights – articles we’re reading, podcasts we’re enjoying, useful videos and more.

Setting out our engagement agenda for the year ahead

27 January 2022
For over two decades we’ve been proactively engaging with businesses to drive positive change. In this article we explore where we’re focusing our efforts on 2022.

Losing your fragility – rise of the robots

21 January 2022
Discover how COVID-19 is accelerating automation across a host of industries and where we’re finding investment opportunities.

Opening Bell: What will 2022 bring for global markets?

19 January 2022
Chief Economist Steven Bell takes a look at the factors shaping 2022, and what they mean for corporate earnings and financial markets.
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