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Pyrford International is an investment boutique that operates independently within Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Pyrford is a provider of global asset management services for collective investment funds, investment management companies, local and state bodies, pension schemes, endowments and foundations. The company has been operating from its London, UK base since 1987. The investment approach is rooted in capital preservation through a clear focus on quality and value. Pyrford invests across global equity and bond markets on behalf of clients.

A quality and value-driven, absolute return approach

Our investment philosophy is based on a quality and value-driven, absolute return approach. At the stock level, we identify companies that are fairly valued or undervalued in relation to their potential long-term earnings growth, whilst at the country level, we seek to heavily overweight countries that provide good value relative to their long-term prospects and underweight or avoid countries that do not.

This approach produces long-term investment returns characterized by very low absolute volatility and excellent downside protection.

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Responsible Investing

Pyrford has been managing assets using the same, proven value-based fundamental process for over 30 years. We have always assessed companies over the long-term, seeking out those capable of generating earnings sustainably through the development of products and services which are valuable to their customers, hard to replicate and unlikely to be replaced. Central to the sustainability of a business is its relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders, along with its impact on the environment. Companies can survive for the short term-term, taking irresponsible approaches to these areas but to prosper companies must demonstrate leadership in each of these areas.

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