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21 September 2023

Gordon Bowers

Research Analyst, Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Eng Tat Low

EM Sovereign Analyst

Implications of Zambia’s Sovereign Debt Restructuring 

A landmark deal for Zambia as agreement was reached on restructuring its $6.3bn debt. We explore what it means for other defaulters
Read time - 5 min
19 September 2023

Harry Waight

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

Health and Well-Being – longer lives, healthier lives

After a century of rapid increases, gains in life expectancy are slowing. We ask why and explore companies that can help buck the trend.
Read time - 5 min
18 September 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

When will interest rates be cut?

Steven Bell, Chief Economist EMEA, on why he is optimistic that interest rates will be cut early in 2024, starting in the US with the UK and Europe to follow.
Watch time - 6 min
13 September 2023

Chuanyi Zhou

Asia Corporate Analyst

Navigating China’s property sector: growth, turmoil and outlook

The future of China’s real estate market remains uncertain, depending on economic factors, policy interventions and market sentiment
Read time - 5 min
11 September 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Is inflation beaten?

Peak rates are close for the US and UK, says Steven Bell, Chief Economist EMEA. But where the two countries go from there could be quite different
Watch time - 6 min
11 September 2023

Natalia Luna

Senior Thematic Investment Analyst, Global Research

Thematic Insight: The energy transition – transformative on a global scale

We discuss the barriers to a successful energy transition and the opportunities for investors
Read time - 3 min
6 September 2023

Jake Lunness

Client Portfolio Analyst, High Yield and Emerging Market Debt

Gilt-edged opportunities

UK government bonds are cheaper than US treasuries despite a slightly higher US base rate. What does this mean for investors?
Read time - 10 min
23 August 2023

Sally Springer

Senior Thematic Research Analyst

Thematic Insight: Managing the Human Capital Transition

Human capital, although often overlooked by investors, is a significant component of the forces driving performance. Businesses investing in human capital are likely to derive a competitive advantage.
Read time - 8 min
17 August 2023

Olivia Watson

Senior Analyst, Responsible Investment

Forever chemicals: in everything everywhere

As concerns about pollution rise, further regulations are being brought in. The US is focusing on clean-up, while Europe is aiming to phase-out PFAS.
Read time - 9 min

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