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19 February 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

UK recession: what next?

Why an upturn looks likely and what that could mean for markets.
Watch time - 5 min
15 February 2024

Hans Nordby

Head of Research & Analytics, Real Estate (US), Lionstone Investments

Joanna Tano

Head of Research, Europe, Real Estate (EMEA)

2024 Global Real Estate Outlook

What's in store for real estate in 2024? Global megatrends and financial conditions will impact returns and sector allocation.
Read time - 4 min
12 February 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

How far will interest rates fall?

Discussing the extent of cuts and the implications for markets?
Watch time - 5 min
7 February 2024

Natalia Luna

Senior Thematic Investment Analyst, Global Research

Investment conclusions from 2023’s clean energy sell-off

The clean energy index had a tough 2023, but we believe there was an overreaction in markets that didn’t appreciate the nuance of the energy transition.
Read time - 8 min
5 February 2024

Andrew Harvie

Client Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

Small wonder: the case for global small cap

We believe the small cap market offers exposure to quality global companies with diverse earnings drivers and potential for resilience, regardless of the the macroeconomic backdrop.
Read time - 5 min
5 February 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Interest rate cuts delayed

Central bankers have been pushing back on expectations for early interest rate cuts. Steven Bell discusses the likely timing and extent of cuts.
Watch time - 5 min
31 January 2024

Alice Evans

Responsible Investment Strategist

Vicki Bakhshi

Director, Responsible Investment

Letitia Byatt

Social Impact Analyst

ESG Viewpoint: Investing in a Just Transition

It’s essential we consider the social dimension as we transition to a low carbon world. We explore the investment implications of a Just Transition.
Read time - 2 min
30 January 2024

Natalia Luna

Senior Thematic Investment Analyst, Global Research

Carbon capture and storage: opportunities in a burgeoning market

CCS has the potential to play a major role in delivering ambitious emission-reduction targets. We run the rule over the marketplace
Read time - 6 min
29 January 2024

Robert Plant

Director, Portfolio Manager, Multi Asset Solutions

Weekly macro perspectives: China & Japan – will the divergence persist?

Japanese equities have enjoyed a period of outperformance over their Chinese counterparts. But after recent policy announcements in China, is that trend set to continue?
Watch time - 5 min
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